Thursday, 26 March 2009

Unleashing women’s love for beer with BitterSweet

Two of my favourite things are beer and blogging, so it’s brilliant to be working on social media PR with my new work client the BitterSweet Partnership – a business which has been set up by Coors Brewers to address and remove the gender imbalance that exists around beer consumption and targeting.

As part of the ‘Love Beer?’ survey, 2,000 women were asked their thoughts about beer, and the results showed there are very real barriers and myths that exist around women and beer, including the following:

• A third of women in the UK enjoy drinking beer, but feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to order it outside of music or sporting events.
• 42% of those polled think the industry should change its advertising first and foremost if it’s to make beer more appealing to women
• It’s not a taste issue, as only a quarter (26%) said the taste should be altered.

The Bittersweet Partnership has been set up to understand what women really want when it comes to beer – everything from advertising, education about the true calorific content, through to the glass it is drunk from. This information will be used to develop new initiatives to improve the drinking experience and change the way Coors brands engage with women in the future.

It was launched at an event last week at the Bedford and Strand pub which was organised by The Red Consultancy, and we went along with Cate from BitchBuzz - you can read her report of the event and her thoughts about BitterSweet here.

You can also see the BitterSweet Partnership website at

Sunday, 15 March 2009


So the best thing that happened in February - more exciting than snow, more snow, pancakes, or most things in my life so far - was Valentine’s Day, when my lovely boyfriend Alex made me breakfast (eggs benedict) and then asked me to marry him.

He proposed by giving me an ‘I heart Balham’ mug with the beautiful ring he picked out all by himself inside. Needless to say, I cried and cried, and said yes :-).

Being engaged is fabulous, and I can’t wait to get married (I’m getting married! End of September – about six months…). Here’s Alex’s slightly sci-fi take on it here.