Saturday, 31 January 2009

Google is broken!

Every search term you Google comes up with a safety warning of 'this site may harm your computer.' Even if you Google...Google :-)

Sharing the bathroom with a Dalek

Just have to say the despite buying this for Alex as a joke-y present this Christmas, it freaks me out slightly every time I see it. As a child the Daleks terrified me - despite fascinating me at the same time (I also had a similar love/hate relationship with the ‘for sale’ sign outside my parents house in Cleethorpes – must have been a very odd child).

Anyway, the aforementioned owner of the Dalek - and Dr Who fan - has just stated his own blog, Randomglish, where he’ll be blogging about “PR, Sheffield Wednesday, Jack Bauer, 99p shops in Balham - who knows?” Check it out here

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve just seen something interesting. SecretTweet is an anonymous secret posting service using Twitter (the clue’s in the name). You submit your deepest, darkest secret to the website and it’s then posted anonymously.

Obviously there’s the cathartic lure of getting something off your chest without revealing your identity. Recent secret tweets include

‘I’m 27 and still a virgin’ and ‘Its incredible how shallow & vain most people are who twit. I'm embarrassed to be one of them’

Online secret sharing is not a new concept – there's PostSecret and Group Hug – it just uses Twitter as another forum for venting. However, it remains strangely compelling to read other people’s secrets. But would I ever post anything? That would be telling...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year Re-solutions

I’m not a massive fan of New Year’s resolutions, especially because January is cold and miserable enough already, without setting yourself up for failure. However, I do have a couple of aims I’d like to achieve as follows:

1) Update my blog more! After December’s blogging drought where I accidentally wrote a grand total of a big fat zero blog posts, oops, I resolve to not let anything like no inspiration, or having a broken mobile handset (STILL not resolved) get in my way

2) Take more photos and post more on Flikr. One of my birthday presents was a fabulous new camera which is tiny enough to carry around most of the time, so no excuses

3) Run another 10k, but quicker than I did last year

So, we’ll see how I get on throughout the year shall we?

PS, the photo is of the London Eye midnight fireworks on New Year’s Eve, which were brilliant. Happy New Year!