Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year Re-solutions

I’m not a massive fan of New Year’s resolutions, especially because January is cold and miserable enough already, without setting yourself up for failure. However, I do have a couple of aims I’d like to achieve as follows:

1) Update my blog more! After December’s blogging drought where I accidentally wrote a grand total of a big fat zero blog posts, oops, I resolve to not let anything like no inspiration, or having a broken mobile handset (STILL not resolved) get in my way

2) Take more photos and post more on Flikr. One of my birthday presents was a fabulous new camera which is tiny enough to carry around most of the time, so no excuses

3) Run another 10k, but quicker than I did last year

So, we’ll see how I get on throughout the year shall we?

PS, the photo is of the London Eye midnight fireworks on New Year’s Eve, which were brilliant. Happy New Year!

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