Monday, 24 November 2008

Breaking news: London invaded by marshmallow men

I think the Christmas decorating fairy paid a visit to Carnaby street a week or so ago, but I’ve been on holiday and today was the first time I've walked down there in a while.

It was worth the wait. This year’s decorations are thirteen giant inflatable snowmen suspended above the street, along with huge snowflakes. Not sure if this was the desired effect, but they look like something from Dr Who – really sinister and freaky, in an excellent way. It’s like a festive Ghostbusters come to life.


Nickbo said...

I really like them! Look at their bottoms - they have a valve or something in a place I'd not have chosen!

Nickbo said...

PS when you sent me a photo of that yesterday, I was actually in Carnaby St! I heard my phone go off while I was walking down but I didn't look at it until later! Shame, could have said hi!