Wednesday, 5 November 2008

RIP Sony Ericsson K850i, I barely knew you

I had a new phone just under six months ago, the afromentioned K850i. We got along very well – the great camera made up for its weird little buttons. And the fact it would turn itself off a couple of times a week for absolutely no reason. And the rubbish battery life.

So I was quite distressed when I woke up some weeks ago in the middle of the night to find it flashing and turning itself on and off, like a phone possessed.
02 were very kind in promising to send me a new handset so I wasn’t too concerned. Needless to say, it’s over a month later and I’m STILL waiting for my new handset.

Fingers crossed 02 sort it out soon (02! Sort it out!) Using the old handset I cast aside for the shiny new model is frustrating but bearable. But I have to say it’s fairly shocking design if a phone won’t even last six months before going into total mobile meltdown.

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