Monday, 29 September 2008

He's Got The Look

I'm working in Shoreditch at the moment. It's a brilliant but confusing part of the world. Even Diet Coke cans here are different. Half covered in a variety of shiny patterns, this at first made me think they were perhaps Coke Lite – the poor man's Diet Coke – in disguise.

I'm sure the patterned Diet Coke can epidemic is the same all over London, but this is the first place I've seen it. The cans are branded with the tagline 'choose the look you love', which is aptly appropriate for the thing I really love about working around here: people's outfits.

Highlights this lunchtime include gold lame leggings (the shiny American Apparel ones) with a skirt, and my personal fave: a shirt, jacket, boots and tiny denim hotpants. And these were both on men…

1 comment:

Amelia said...

Love the idea that East London is so cool that it has its own Diet Coke can!