Wednesday, 8 October 2008

'Cactus Kid' dies of thirst

According to a report on the BBC today, the Oasis ‘Cactus Kid’ adverts have been ordered off screen by the Advertising Standards Agency. They found that the implication of underage sex and teenage pregnancy meant they were unsuitable for broadcast.

I have to say, I’ve seen those adverts, and the implication of underage sex and teenage pregnancy completely passed me by. Apart from being vaguely annoying, the ads always struck me as being as sexy as – well, a cactus.

What actually got me reaching for my remote was the suggestion that a sugary drink could be used as a permanent replacement for ‘for people who don’t like water.’ What about your TEETH people? The ASA - and probably dentists throughout the land - agreed, concluding that this was ‘irresponsible and could discourage good dietary practice.’

The ad received only 32 complaints, which is hardly a landslide of outrage. But I really think you’ve got to question exactly what those 32 people had been drinking to make them complain about an inoffensive advert like this. Or maybe they were light-headed due to dehydration?


Jon M Bishop said...

I always thought it must be really difficult to have a functional relationship with Cactus Kid. Everytime you want cuddle up, you'll get spiked! Heaven knows how the poor girl endured the act of getting pregnant in the first place!

Crossy said...

Anyone know how many people have to complain before an ad gets pulled? 32 doesn't seem like a greater % given the no. of veiwers.

Who watches adds nowadays anyway? Are they the annoying things to be FFWD through on Sky+??!