Saturday, 25 October 2008

Three for three...for three

I’ve been tagged by Giles (who just got married, congrats!) in a ‘three for three’ meme, which was originally started here by Jed.

This consists of three top three lists, which you then have to pass on to three other people. This is fun because it’s the first meme I’ve been tagged in, and also it’s pretty random and fun anyway (which Minxology is all about). So, mine is as follows:

Top three non-work websites
  • Someone Once Told Me – can’t be described in a sentence and it's a photography website, so go and look at it. I LOVE this site, am going to be appearing on it soon, and will be blogging about it shortly
  • Holy Moly – Popbitch but better
  • Forever Amber – we have near-identical hairdresser pain – maybe it’s a ginger thing? - and also this and this post are possibly the funniest things I’ve ever read
PS – I’ve not included Twitter or Facebook, because I’d probably class them as work website, and using them is like breathing now, i.e. automatic.

Top three karaoke songs
  • Total Eclipse of the heart, Bonnie Tyler
  • You’ve got the love, Candi Statton
  • Two More Years, Bloc Party
Top three weekend cocktails
  • Belini - champagne and peach juice, yum
  • Anything with champagne in it really, or prosecco or cava - and I'm a big fan of all three by themselves
  • Ginger monkey - this was made (and named) for me by a nice bartender in a private members club in Soho. I’ve got no idea what it contained apart from fruit, champagne, and fresh ginger. It was unbelievably tasty.
So there you go!

I now tag Sandrine, Nick and Rax

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Amber said...

Oh wow, I just noticed this and am so happy you picked me as one of your websites! I really need to blog some more of those old stories, too - have lots more of them I haven't got round to writing about yet!